November is the month to write

Even though the free shipping offer ended yesterday, you can still purchase the 2014 Guide to Self-Publishing (featuring my article on “Why and How to Hire a Freelance Editor”) for $19.97  over at the Writer’s Digest shop.

Today and tomorrow, November 1 and 2, you can get a free copy of A Blackbird Sings (featuring a one of my small poems) to celebrate Mindful Writing Day–a practice run today for writing ‘small stones’ each day in January–sponsored by the lovely folks at Writing Our Way Home.

November is the month that many writers choose to participate in month-long writing challenges. Whether you write poetry, fiction or nonfiction, there is a challenge for you!

And if, come November 30 (or sooner!), you have a novel or nonfiction masterpiece in need of editing, contact me for an editing estimate. Together we can polish your words and make them shine!

4 thoughts on “November is the month to write

  1. Thanks, Kit. I hadnt ordered it yet Ive been so busy. Ill do it tomorrow. Id love to visit by phone if youre around tomorrow. 448-4069. I should be here all day except for a walk if its not pouring rain.


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